Tuesday, January 5, 2010



How are you all? I hope you're great!

Today me and my dad went out into Wellington to have a big session of sitting around drawing people in the park and on the boardwalk. It was fun but people kept moving as SOON as we started drawing them. 8c Still, it was good practice for capturing poses and positions!

And we went to Borders and I bought a drawing book that covers just about EVERYTHING about drawing heads and the human figure, it's really neat and I'm sure it'll prove useful :)

I haven't started drawing from the aid of that book yet because I've had my fill of realism for today - BUT - I decided to compare two drawings of mine, one without a ref and one using a ref from the book...

AHAHAHHAA shows how much I know. D|>
Oh well. Sooner or later I'll be able to draw a correct female figure from memory!

And after all that realism and poring over the stuff in my book, I decided to end my day with doing some Streak doodles because I haven't drawn him in AGES and taking that character quiz over on DeviantArt reminded me of how much I missed drawing him.


That's all for now! I haven't broken my number one New Years resolution yet! C8 (which was to draw every day, btw.)

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  1. you are so good at drawing!
    is your dad an artist aswell?
    thats cool that you go and draw together, i wish i could, but im the only artist in my family.