Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday afternoon

Hey everybody! (which is only three people) Time to get that stinkin' sad post off the front of my blog. Wait... does my blog even HAVE a front?? Oh, never mind that now...

So after a seemingly endless endeavour of bipolar weather and wearing seasonal clothes at the wrong times, the New Zealand summer is now finally here. As far as I can tell, it ain't gunna rain any time soon and the days are just getting warmer and warmer, which will end up, as usual, in a blazing hot February! The cicadas are chirping their hearts out (that's if they have hearts), the birds are singing, ice cream is dripping and jandals are being worn on just about every Kiwi's feet. What more could you want from a typically windy, slightly chilly town?

On Wednesday I went back to school to confirm the course I'm taking this year. Mine consists of the same subjects I took last year: Art, Classics, English, Music and Photography. I got to school thinking I was the first one there and that I shouldn't have to queue up in massive lines just for one teacher's signature. Unfortunately, I hadn't counted on the fact that the other Year 12s and 13s were thinking the same thing! But anyhoo, I got into all my subjects, yippee! :D

In fifteen minutes I shall be leaving for my first violin lesson of the year. I love my violin lessons, so I'm glad to be returning to them. This year I'm in Grade 3, and over the holidays I've been practicing a few Grade 3 pieces that my teacher gave to me at the end of the term.

Hmm... that's funny... I'm sure I had something more interesting to talk about. Well, I DID go to a dot-themed exhibition recently, that was very unusual and fascinating. There was one room that was absolutely beautiful, in which you stand on a platform surrounded by water in a dark room and there are lights of green, yellow and red all around you, and the walls are covered in mirrors, creating the sensation of standing in a massive galaxy of stars! Well and truly stunning.

I think I've rambled enough now. Any things I've forgotten to talk about, will surely be talked about in my next blog entry. Let's have some crazy faces!

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