Sunday, January 24, 2010


Heeeeeeyyy bloggy blog!

Sorry for lack of updates, nothing interesting has been happening really. But I'm going back to school very soon, so hopefully I'll have SOMETHING to talk about. ;)

So... for the past couple of months, I've been having a big loooong art block and lack of interest in drawing. And now it's finally reached the point where uploading to dA is no longer a priority. I was getting worried that I would lose my precious hobby - but as a matter of fact, I still HAVE been drawing a little bit, and I HAVE been enjoying it, too!

So what's the deal with that? Well, it's simple, really: I've pretty much grown tired of drawing my "constant" characters over and over again, and I've just worn them out, you know? I find that I don't really have fun anymore when I'm drawing Bullet, Streak, Tracks or Forker - the ones I draw the most, and consider to be my "main" or "constant" characters.

This would explain why, oddly enough, I'm having fun drawing neglected characters or entirely new things instead. For example, today I made up a random robot character who I decided to call Toby:

And a few weeks ago, I created a quirky artist guy who has no name yet, but I just seem to love drawing this dude 'cause he's so weird... here he is singing and dancing to what I imagine to be Grace Kelly (because the image popped up when I was listening to that song - I wouldn't be surprised if this character had MIKA's voice!):

And as usual, I find that drawing entire pages of different expressions just really gets me going and it's really easy and fun for me:

So that's the stuff I've been doing recently, rather than my usual North Mercy canon.

HAVE NO FEAR! I will NOT stop drawing the NM characters forever! I think that I really just need a break from drawing them, and that's all. Bullet and Streak and the others still mean all the world to me. I still think about them a lot. But for now, the characters and I need a "time-out" from each other - that, or I just need to escape my little comfort zone and draw other things, as shown above. I will never give up on the NM characters, and I bet I'll suddenly want to draw them again one day. :)

Besides, this will give me a chance to pay attention to neglected characters who I love but hardly ever draw... such as Bullet's son Jordan, who I decided to use as a model for low-angle practice today:

And now, I shall close this blog entry with... FANSERVICE.*

*a lot of people who follow my art, seem to find Bullet incredibly sexy and attractive. I must say he is quite a handsome man, but the funny thing is that I never actually intended him to be so attractive in the first place and then my friends were all like "OH FSHDGHD I WOULD SOOOO DO HIM!!" so... yeah. XD

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  1. I love your art. o:
    I'm jealous of your awesomeness. Seriously. You're so good at like angles and faces and EVERYTHING.