Friday, January 15, 2010


I made two discoveries.

1. Popcorn chicken is the food of gods.
2. I like guys' clothes.

There's a short story behind that second one.

Today me and Zia went shopping at the mall in the Hutt, 'cause she needed suitable clothes for her new job and I need some new clothes for school 'cause I don't have to wear uniform this year. So we traipsed around aaaaaallll the girls' clothing shops, and she got what she wanted but there was just NOTHING that appealed to me (save for one nice pinstripe shirt that was unfortunately a size too big and the only one in stock). And all I really wanted was a nice pair of black pants!

Tired and disgruntled, we met up with Gareth and went with him to a guys' clothing store that he wanted to check out. As we stood there waiting, I was looking around the shop and I said to Zia: "Dang, guys have good clothes."

Because it's true. They do. SERIOUSLY. Why do THEY get the casual-yet-refined pinstripe shirts and ties and suits, and SENSIBLE designs? I just can't seem to like the fashion for us girls nowadays.

Well anyway, I got myself a hat.


In other news, me and my dad were in town the other day and we arrived in Civic Square just in time to see a German busker perform on his electric violin. And, heck, I don't think I've seen a better violin busker! It was amazing and enchanting to sit there with such beautiful music ringing through the square. We had a brief little chat and he gave me a card with contact details for the place where his violin was made. It was such a pretty violin... one day I think I'll get one!

And now, I shall conclude this blog post with a drawing of Forker which I'm not afraid to say I rather like.


  1. You have a kitty face. I'M NOT KIDDING. Whenever I see a pic of you, the first thing I hear is, "KITTY!" 8|
    Also, you look rather dashing with that hat if I say so mahself

  2. Omg, im so with you on that.
    girls clothes are really dumb these days.
    i always go to shops and but boys stuff or get my brothers hand me downs.

    i love germans. becuase tokio hotel are german. & theyre the love of my life (: