Sunday, February 28, 2010


Apparently a tsunami is going to hit our coast in about four minutes.

AAAAAAHHH oh wait, we live high up on a hill! Never mind.

The guy on the news said that it's not so much the height of the wave that matters, it's the force of the wave and all the water that's behind it. And there's no way that wave is going to reach our house. We live in a safe zone... I hope!

Jeez... first huge scrubfires, and now this! Whatever next?! D:

Sunday, February 21, 2010


My pyromaniac character Sammie would be having a field day right now.

There is a massive scrub fire on the hills near our house! When you go outside to look, you can see HUGE clouds of smoke rolling across the sky. From our front yard, it looks like the fire is just a couple of houses away, but it's actually quite far away - around the place where me and my dad used to go bike-riding, actually. The wind is blowing the smoke our way and as I type this, the air outside is hazy.

We walked up our street to Crown Hill, which is the top of the main hill we live on, and there were heaps of people flocking in from everywhere to look at the smoke, adults and children alike. (When we went back to our house, I spotted some kids standing on top of the water tower in our street!) A couple of fire engines arrived too, and shortly after we arrived the police evacuated Crown Hill, so everyone left and went up the next street so they could keep looking, hur.

I've never seen anything like it before... so much dark, thick smoke in the sky, all with a sort of golden tint and some parts were even quite orangey. (Excuse my fail description) When we had gone up the road to look, you couldn't even see anything in the valley below, there was just a massive area of grey nothingness. It was all quite spooky... I felt like I was in an apocalyptic movie or something, where the crowds of people were staring up at the sky and awaiting their impending doom.

Well, I must say that is the first time there has EVER been any drama in our street! At least it wasn't a murder or anything like that, haha. I hope they manage to put out the blaze eventually and that no-one will get hurt.

Anyway... I better go and finish my homework now... X'D;; I might have pictures of the smoke and stuff later...

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Warning: Musical and note-ridden rant. The violin is played many times here. Read at your own cost.

okay so
I didn't get into the Schola Sinfonica.
I got into the Youth Sinfonietta. Which is made up of teenagers like myself.
And you have to be Grade 6 or higher to be in it.

i dunno whether to be happy or freaked out
I'm only in Grade 3.

It was like going to a new school. Everybody else seemed to know one another and I was just standing there and I didn't know anyboodyyyy
But I was seated next to a girl called Jessica who was also new to this orchestra, but she seemed much more relaxed and social than me, and in no time we made friends! 8D

Now, erm... the music. Iiiiis kinda hard. Yes. And we didn't even play the hardest piece that we're meant to be doing. No, today we played Handel's Music for the Royal Fireworks. Back at Golden Strings (the training orchestra) we did play one of the pieces from that suite, so I'm glad I recognize at least THAT. XDD Anyways, when we got started my bow was barely moving at all and I was like "WHAATTT I CANNOT DO THIS AAGHH" and everyone around me was SIGHTREADING. ;____; But eventually I got the hang of it and now I know the first three lines. Derp.

Also... it's worth noting that I'm in the 2nd violins section. AHAHA. <'3 So the stuff I have to play isn't too difficult for me to handle. C:

SO ANYWAY. There's this guy in the front row of the 2nd violins, right? And every so often he'd turn around in his seat and tell us what to do, and at the morning tea break he said to us, "I need you guys to copy my bowing so that the people in the rows behind you will get it right as well, so if you mess up your bowing, then we're SCREWED~ >:U"
And I was just sitting there thinking... "dude, I'm still trying to learn the NOTES." Yes, I know that in orchestras, everyone is supposed to have the same bowing - but I wasn't used to being told what to do by someone who, as far as I can tell, wasn't an official leader or anything... and at this point I felt quite overwhelmed and distressed.

And I encountered the things that my violin teacher had warned me about, and I'm bound to encounter even more. And eventually I will just get used to the whole thing and I'm sure that this is where I want to be. C: I will come back next week with way more confidence!

we had school photos the other day
...I do not look forward to seeing them

Sunday, February 14, 2010

This is the end...

...beautiful friend...
This is the end... my only friend, the end...

I feel kind of sad right now.

I've been feeling like this on and off for the past week or so. I'll be fine for most of the day, but I won't go a day at school without feeling lonely and antisocial at least once. Then anytime from four o'clock onwards, I'll end up feeling tired and down and this usually results me in curling up on my bed and doing nothing. Which either makes me feel better, or doesn't.

Either it's just my body clock trying to settle back into a normal routine, or it's that time of the month. Or both. I don't know. Part of it is the old loneliness, too. Over the years, all my best friends have disappeared from my school, one by one. Tis depressing.

Anyway, it's not good because it's discouraging me from doing my homework. Since 2008 I've had a habit of not doing homework because I make up an excuse like "naahh I'm not feeling so great right now" when hey, it could be a lot worse. Well... at least I shot most of my film for Photography today. Thank God still life is considered a genre, it's so easy and the simplest things produce the nicest pictures.

Oh well... at least I'm still spending hours on my beloved violin. And sometimes I'm doodling the odd cartoon or two. I may lack skill in drawing people, but I still find pleasure in drawing characters and expressions nonetheless.

Jeez, why have my blog entries been so depressing lately? Oh, wait... I guess this entry answers that question.

I could really go for something made of meat wrapped in pastry right now...

Saturday, February 13, 2010


After reading entries from two blogs I follow, I feel so normal.

I'm not saying that anything is a bad thing, or even a good thing... I'm just... saying. Maaaan. I don't think I'll ever be able to fully understand these things. The only thing that worries me is if these people will forever fully lose sight of themselves.


Today was the day of the audition. We spent ages driving to the university and finding the right building, and then I was sent to a practice room to warm up, and then they called me in and within five minutes, I played my piece and did sight-reading. And then I went out again and we went home.

Dang... we drove all the way there and back just for five minutes of violin playing that I barely remember now. I suppose that's a good thing. You know how you make a mistake and then keep dwelling on it later? Well, I don't think I made any mistakes and overall I was very satisifed with my performance.

So, in short, the orchestra audition went rather well. I'll be hearing from them in about a week. :D

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My week

I'm going to keep this blog post fairly straight-forward, because I'm friggin' tired and I have a headache and I keep having to correct my words several times by backspacing.

Year 13 is lovely because you don't have to wear uniform and you're allowed to leave school at lunchtime and study periods and the juniors won't touch you.

In Classics, our teacher has been telling us some wacky stories that either we haven't heard before or we did last year but we just forgot them. Greek mythology is so dirty, gotta love it. And we get to do myth posters again, sweet.

Photography's OK. Our teacher is getting married next week. <3 And the other day, I had a quite deep discussion about money with a couple of my mates. Nice to know I'm not the only teenager who thinks about things to such a mature level of depth.

Music is fun because we're learning how to conduct and it gives you a good excuse to wave your arms about like a... like something that waves its arms around a lot.

Art is boring this year. Bleh.

In English we have just begun to study the film Donnie Darko. I like it and I think it's a very good film. However, it scared me a bit and the overall theme of time is quite daunting. I nearly bawled in class at the end.

And I dunno about you, but that rabbit creeps me out no end.

My car got fixed the other day. She had a dodgy battery and her thermostat was broken. So now she starts up nicely and she just feels easier to drive now.
THAT'S WHAT S/HE SAID *budum-tish*

And now for the best news of all: I might get into a junior orchestra! It's called the Schola Sinfonica. It's associated with the Wellington Youth Orchestra and it's made up of kids from primary to secondary schools. Since last year I have attended the training orchestra Golden Strings - I like it and it's fun and relaxing, but most of the kids are much younger than me and now that the two other teen kids have disappeared, I'm a bit out of place. Besides, I like being in a controlled, structured environment at heart, and I actually want to be somewhere where I know exactly what I'm doing and it's a bit more "professional". Yep. :D

Soooo, I am scheduled for an AUDITION on Saturday afternoon. OH BOY. I've been excited all week. I sure hope I get in.

If you read all of this, then you get a reward... of drawings I did at school! (Oh my, is she still drawing cartoons?!)

Oh yeah, and our Xbox got fixed too, which means I can finally play Guitar Hero again. AWESOMESAUCE.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Year 13

is not really much different from Year 12.

Oh, and my car wouldn't start. Again. In the student car park.

And I've got homework.

And something else happened that just goes to show that nobody really likes me.

DARN IT. It's been a loooooong day.

But on the plus side, in Music, Mr. Brooks taught us how to conduct and that was fun.

P.S. i lied. i drew some cartoons today and yesterday to take my mind off my troubles.

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Art-Dustrial Revolution is my new home on the internet.

Seriously. I joined about a year ago, but I never really got into it and I proceeded with cartoons, only adding on bits and pieces that I had learned throughout the year (which was hardly ANYTHING, by the way).

Now I know why I'm so depressed about my art. It's because I've been sticking to what's in my head rather than what I see, and I've become so settled into my comfort zone that I've missed out on some truly amazing forms of art that are out there - seriously, look at the images on this thread: And don't stop with the first page, I went through the whole thing and by the end of it, I wanted to actually try new things that I should have tried a long time ago.

So, to put it bluntly, I am ditching cartoons and moving back to realism. HA!

On ConceptArt, there are "sketchbooks" which are threads acting as journal-style galleries. I made one when I joined the site, but I never really used it and now I'm quite ashamed of the cartoons I put on there. So, here's my new sketchbook: I aim to update daily!

Yes, I know people back on DeviantArt will be disappointed. It's not that I don't care about making people happy. In fact, the reason I stuck with what I was doing last year, was because I was making people happy. Everyone, that is, except for myself. And I'm afraid this is one of those times when I'm just going to have to put myself above others. After all, if I were a famous musician, I wouldn't give into societal pressures and play something really bland and mediocre that was liked by mindless 14-year-olds, would I?

((DISCLAIMER: None of the above was meant to insult the music and kids of today, nor was it meant to label all of today's music as bland and mediocre. But let's face it, people, 14-year-olds are mindless creatures.))

Oh yeah, I said I was ditching cartoons, didn't I? Well...
1. This doesn't mean I'm ditching them FOREVER. I'm just ditching them till I actually understand what the hell I'm doing.
2. I won't ever, ever, EVER forget about my characters. After all, I can't really go a long time without putting them into roleplay with my best buds online. My characters are my children, and I can still love them without drawing them, right?

If you read all this, then you're freakin' awesome. C: