Sunday, February 21, 2010


My pyromaniac character Sammie would be having a field day right now.

There is a massive scrub fire on the hills near our house! When you go outside to look, you can see HUGE clouds of smoke rolling across the sky. From our front yard, it looks like the fire is just a couple of houses away, but it's actually quite far away - around the place where me and my dad used to go bike-riding, actually. The wind is blowing the smoke our way and as I type this, the air outside is hazy.

We walked up our street to Crown Hill, which is the top of the main hill we live on, and there were heaps of people flocking in from everywhere to look at the smoke, adults and children alike. (When we went back to our house, I spotted some kids standing on top of the water tower in our street!) A couple of fire engines arrived too, and shortly after we arrived the police evacuated Crown Hill, so everyone left and went up the next street so they could keep looking, hur.

I've never seen anything like it before... so much dark, thick smoke in the sky, all with a sort of golden tint and some parts were even quite orangey. (Excuse my fail description) When we had gone up the road to look, you couldn't even see anything in the valley below, there was just a massive area of grey nothingness. It was all quite spooky... I felt like I was in an apocalyptic movie or something, where the crowds of people were staring up at the sky and awaiting their impending doom.

Well, I must say that is the first time there has EVER been any drama in our street! At least it wasn't a murder or anything like that, haha. I hope they manage to put out the blaze eventually and that no-one will get hurt.

Anyway... I better go and finish my homework now... X'D;; I might have pictures of the smoke and stuff later...

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