Monday, February 1, 2010

The Art-Dustrial Revolution is my new home on the internet.

Seriously. I joined about a year ago, but I never really got into it and I proceeded with cartoons, only adding on bits and pieces that I had learned throughout the year (which was hardly ANYTHING, by the way).

Now I know why I'm so depressed about my art. It's because I've been sticking to what's in my head rather than what I see, and I've become so settled into my comfort zone that I've missed out on some truly amazing forms of art that are out there - seriously, look at the images on this thread: And don't stop with the first page, I went through the whole thing and by the end of it, I wanted to actually try new things that I should have tried a long time ago.

So, to put it bluntly, I am ditching cartoons and moving back to realism. HA!

On ConceptArt, there are "sketchbooks" which are threads acting as journal-style galleries. I made one when I joined the site, but I never really used it and now I'm quite ashamed of the cartoons I put on there. So, here's my new sketchbook: I aim to update daily!

Yes, I know people back on DeviantArt will be disappointed. It's not that I don't care about making people happy. In fact, the reason I stuck with what I was doing last year, was because I was making people happy. Everyone, that is, except for myself. And I'm afraid this is one of those times when I'm just going to have to put myself above others. After all, if I were a famous musician, I wouldn't give into societal pressures and play something really bland and mediocre that was liked by mindless 14-year-olds, would I?

((DISCLAIMER: None of the above was meant to insult the music and kids of today, nor was it meant to label all of today's music as bland and mediocre. But let's face it, people, 14-year-olds are mindless creatures.))

Oh yeah, I said I was ditching cartoons, didn't I? Well...
1. This doesn't mean I'm ditching them FOREVER. I'm just ditching them till I actually understand what the hell I'm doing.
2. I won't ever, ever, EVER forget about my characters. After all, I can't really go a long time without putting them into roleplay with my best buds online. My characters are my children, and I can still love them without drawing them, right?

If you read all this, then you're freakin' awesome. C:

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