Saturday, February 20, 2010


Warning: Musical and note-ridden rant. The violin is played many times here. Read at your own cost.

okay so
I didn't get into the Schola Sinfonica.
I got into the Youth Sinfonietta. Which is made up of teenagers like myself.
And you have to be Grade 6 or higher to be in it.

i dunno whether to be happy or freaked out
I'm only in Grade 3.

It was like going to a new school. Everybody else seemed to know one another and I was just standing there and I didn't know anyboodyyyy
But I was seated next to a girl called Jessica who was also new to this orchestra, but she seemed much more relaxed and social than me, and in no time we made friends! 8D

Now, erm... the music. Iiiiis kinda hard. Yes. And we didn't even play the hardest piece that we're meant to be doing. No, today we played Handel's Music for the Royal Fireworks. Back at Golden Strings (the training orchestra) we did play one of the pieces from that suite, so I'm glad I recognize at least THAT. XDD Anyways, when we got started my bow was barely moving at all and I was like "WHAATTT I CANNOT DO THIS AAGHH" and everyone around me was SIGHTREADING. ;____; But eventually I got the hang of it and now I know the first three lines. Derp.

Also... it's worth noting that I'm in the 2nd violins section. AHAHA. <'3 So the stuff I have to play isn't too difficult for me to handle. C:

SO ANYWAY. There's this guy in the front row of the 2nd violins, right? And every so often he'd turn around in his seat and tell us what to do, and at the morning tea break he said to us, "I need you guys to copy my bowing so that the people in the rows behind you will get it right as well, so if you mess up your bowing, then we're SCREWED~ >:U"
And I was just sitting there thinking... "dude, I'm still trying to learn the NOTES." Yes, I know that in orchestras, everyone is supposed to have the same bowing - but I wasn't used to being told what to do by someone who, as far as I can tell, wasn't an official leader or anything... and at this point I felt quite overwhelmed and distressed.

And I encountered the things that my violin teacher had warned me about, and I'm bound to encounter even more. And eventually I will just get used to the whole thing and I'm sure that this is where I want to be. C: I will come back next week with way more confidence!

we had school photos the other day
...I do not look forward to seeing them

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