Sunday, January 31, 2010


ya know
i cannot sleep

i go to bed at say, 12:30
and i'm still awake at 1
and i'm still awake at 2
and i'm stiiiiiiill aeake at 3
and i was so out of it when i was typing that sentence that I spelled awake like "aeake" and I nearly put 2 instead of 3.
anyway, i'm stiiiiiiiiiiiillllll awake at 4, maybe even 5
and THEN my body says "oh! here's a nice time to go to sleep! *SNORE*"

i just
i don't even

oh well
heres some art i did the night before
its lorenzo and he is being a confused ghost

Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday afternoon

Hey everybody! (which is only three people) Time to get that stinkin' sad post off the front of my blog. Wait... does my blog even HAVE a front?? Oh, never mind that now...

So after a seemingly endless endeavour of bipolar weather and wearing seasonal clothes at the wrong times, the New Zealand summer is now finally here. As far as I can tell, it ain't gunna rain any time soon and the days are just getting warmer and warmer, which will end up, as usual, in a blazing hot February! The cicadas are chirping their hearts out (that's if they have hearts), the birds are singing, ice cream is dripping and jandals are being worn on just about every Kiwi's feet. What more could you want from a typically windy, slightly chilly town?

On Wednesday I went back to school to confirm the course I'm taking this year. Mine consists of the same subjects I took last year: Art, Classics, English, Music and Photography. I got to school thinking I was the first one there and that I shouldn't have to queue up in massive lines just for one teacher's signature. Unfortunately, I hadn't counted on the fact that the other Year 12s and 13s were thinking the same thing! But anyhoo, I got into all my subjects, yippee! :D

In fifteen minutes I shall be leaving for my first violin lesson of the year. I love my violin lessons, so I'm glad to be returning to them. This year I'm in Grade 3, and over the holidays I've been practicing a few Grade 3 pieces that my teacher gave to me at the end of the term.

Hmm... that's funny... I'm sure I had something more interesting to talk about. Well, I DID go to a dot-themed exhibition recently, that was very unusual and fascinating. There was one room that was absolutely beautiful, in which you stand on a platform surrounded by water in a dark room and there are lights of green, yellow and red all around you, and the walls are covered in mirrors, creating the sensation of standing in a massive galaxy of stars! Well and truly stunning.

I think I've rambled enough now. Any things I've forgotten to talk about, will surely be talked about in my next blog entry. Let's have some crazy faces!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Another Emotional Meaningful Post.

A year ago, I listened to "Outside The Wall" by Pink Floyd and it confused me no end. I was stumped. I didn't know what the song meant at all.

Now I have listened to it again, and now... I know.

But it's not their fault. I don't blame them. It's just how things seem from my point of view, sometimes. And I know that I really am loved back. It's just hard to tell at those particular times.

Here is the song. It's quite sad, really.

Pink Floyd is beautiful. :'(

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Heeeeeeyyy bloggy blog!

Sorry for lack of updates, nothing interesting has been happening really. But I'm going back to school very soon, so hopefully I'll have SOMETHING to talk about. ;)

So... for the past couple of months, I've been having a big loooong art block and lack of interest in drawing. And now it's finally reached the point where uploading to dA is no longer a priority. I was getting worried that I would lose my precious hobby - but as a matter of fact, I still HAVE been drawing a little bit, and I HAVE been enjoying it, too!

So what's the deal with that? Well, it's simple, really: I've pretty much grown tired of drawing my "constant" characters over and over again, and I've just worn them out, you know? I find that I don't really have fun anymore when I'm drawing Bullet, Streak, Tracks or Forker - the ones I draw the most, and consider to be my "main" or "constant" characters.

This would explain why, oddly enough, I'm having fun drawing neglected characters or entirely new things instead. For example, today I made up a random robot character who I decided to call Toby:

And a few weeks ago, I created a quirky artist guy who has no name yet, but I just seem to love drawing this dude 'cause he's so weird... here he is singing and dancing to what I imagine to be Grace Kelly (because the image popped up when I was listening to that song - I wouldn't be surprised if this character had MIKA's voice!):

And as usual, I find that drawing entire pages of different expressions just really gets me going and it's really easy and fun for me:

So that's the stuff I've been doing recently, rather than my usual North Mercy canon.

HAVE NO FEAR! I will NOT stop drawing the NM characters forever! I think that I really just need a break from drawing them, and that's all. Bullet and Streak and the others still mean all the world to me. I still think about them a lot. But for now, the characters and I need a "time-out" from each other - that, or I just need to escape my little comfort zone and draw other things, as shown above. I will never give up on the NM characters, and I bet I'll suddenly want to draw them again one day. :)

Besides, this will give me a chance to pay attention to neglected characters who I love but hardly ever draw... such as Bullet's son Jordan, who I decided to use as a model for low-angle practice today:

And now, I shall close this blog entry with... FANSERVICE.*

*a lot of people who follow my art, seem to find Bullet incredibly sexy and attractive. I must say he is quite a handsome man, but the funny thing is that I never actually intended him to be so attractive in the first place and then my friends were all like "OH FSHDGHD I WOULD SOOOO DO HIM!!" so... yeah. XD

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Random thoughts at 1:30 AM...

- I have no idea what high school genre I fit into. Seriously. In Year 9 I was a nerd trying to be a prep. In Year 10 I was, like everyone, a dirty-minded, foul-mouthed immature loud thing. In Year 11 I was an antisocial rebel. In Year 12 I was an antisocial band geek. And now that all of that is over, I have no idea what I want to be, or what I will become. Hopefully a social band geek? That'd work.

- There used to be this punk chick at my school who had a MASSIVE mohawk. XD

- I can't believe I wanted to dye parts of my hair blue last year and dress in rainbows ALL THE TIME. Seems like a silly idea now, especially since I'm leaning more towards "tomboy" now. All the same, I still like unusual hair colours and rainbows. My recently-acquired tastes seem to be blending together nowadays. For example, an ideal outfit for me would be: a black three-quarter-sleeve jacket, black pants and my new black hat, with my rainbow-stripe top, my rainbow belt and my black shoes with that crazy rainbow design on them. Aren't I just weird? 8D

- I should have gone to bed 40 minutes ago, but looking up definitions on UrbanDictionary is quite addictive.

- I am still kind of unsure of what goth/punk really is. As far as I can father, they either dress in black or have liberty spikes in their hair or listen to metal or wear things with spikes on them. Need to do some research tomorrow (including other stereotypes besides goth & punk), as these things just interest me.

- I must also find out what scene is.

- I like t-shirts with clever or humorous designs on them. But I also rather shirts with collars or stripes or pinstripes. Eh?

- I'm sick of girly clothes... unless they show off my figure. -GUNNED DOWN-

- I don't think I could ever have the guts to be a punk. Ever.

- I just discovered that my school has its own Wikipedia page: Also, my school's principal wears a pink shirt.

- Why do I like classical violin music AND bands like System of a Down or Korn? (Yes, I like Korn or at least what I have heard of their music, which isn't very much.)

- As you can see, my tastes just do not make any sense. I think I have a lot more discovering of my true self to go.

- I am so happy that I get to wear whatever I want to school this year. :)

Friday, January 15, 2010


I made two discoveries.

1. Popcorn chicken is the food of gods.
2. I like guys' clothes.

There's a short story behind that second one.

Today me and Zia went shopping at the mall in the Hutt, 'cause she needed suitable clothes for her new job and I need some new clothes for school 'cause I don't have to wear uniform this year. So we traipsed around aaaaaallll the girls' clothing shops, and she got what she wanted but there was just NOTHING that appealed to me (save for one nice pinstripe shirt that was unfortunately a size too big and the only one in stock). And all I really wanted was a nice pair of black pants!

Tired and disgruntled, we met up with Gareth and went with him to a guys' clothing store that he wanted to check out. As we stood there waiting, I was looking around the shop and I said to Zia: "Dang, guys have good clothes."

Because it's true. They do. SERIOUSLY. Why do THEY get the casual-yet-refined pinstripe shirts and ties and suits, and SENSIBLE designs? I just can't seem to like the fashion for us girls nowadays.

Well anyway, I got myself a hat.


In other news, me and my dad were in town the other day and we arrived in Civic Square just in time to see a German busker perform on his electric violin. And, heck, I don't think I've seen a better violin busker! It was amazing and enchanting to sit there with such beautiful music ringing through the square. We had a brief little chat and he gave me a card with contact details for the place where his violin was made. It was such a pretty violin... one day I think I'll get one!

And now, I shall conclude this blog post with a drawing of Forker which I'm not afraid to say I rather like.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Worst Dream Ever

I had a bad dream this morning, just before I woke up. It's quite rare for me to have bad dreams.

It went like this... I came home and I noticed two strange things:
1. Lots of people on DeviantArt - in fact, just about ALL of them - had been given new avatars that showed a picture of a cute cartoon dog, each one coloured and designed differently to match their owner.
2. My family was packing?!
I asked, "What's going on?" And my parents told me that we were going on holiday. I got really upset and I threw a TANTRUM because nobody had told me about it and I was already comfortable at home right now and anyway, how the hell could I pack in five minutes?! And this also explained the avatars on DeviantArt, because all of THOSE people were going on holiday to the same place as well, and nobody had given ME an avatar of my own.
I cried and stormed to my room, where I started to slowly pack and put my shoes on, while still crying and sobbing pathetically all the while. Yeeahh I was kinda being really overdramatic. And I was also plucking bits out of my hair because someone had replaced the blonde bits with some other horrible colour. Oo (DON'T ASK.)
Twice I looked up and saw my dad washing his hands or something in the bathroom, and we both looked at each other but he didn't even say anything about my crying, he just ignored me. Eventually I stomped out of my room and SCREAMED something at him but I can't remember what it was. I followed my dad down the hallway into the garage...
...To find that my mum and my brother were sitting in the family car, with ALL of their and dad's luggage inside as well. I said, "You're gonna leave me here?" And my mum said simply, "Yep."
I stared at her in disbelief, my eyes welling with tears again. "You can't do this to me, Mum..."
"Yes, we can!" she replied. "Since you're being such an immature little crybaby, we're going to leave without you. Bye!"

And that's when I woke up, frightened as all hell.

I love my family so much, and they love me the same. If my mum ever said that to me in real life, I don't know what I'd do.

on a lighter note

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Grumpy time's over now. Seriously. Forgive me, I was in a right STATE. x'D;;

Soooo... what's new? I've been taking a huge liking to lions lately, probably because I've been watching too many Lion King parodies on YouTube... ahahaha... I can't help it, TLK is awesome for spoofing and watching Scar singing I Believe In A Thing Called Love just kills me. XD

Anyway, during my lion fangirling, I discovered that yes, there actually ARE black-maned lions:

I think that's seriously cool. D: FFFFFFFFF

And taking an interest in lions is good, because I can learn how to draw them so that I can draw my character Forker in lion form - for those who are confused, Forker is a demon who can take on the secondary form of a lion. He has ash-blond fur and a grey mane. I luffs my angry little lion dude~ <:3

-gunned down-


Hey I'm seeing Avatar tomorrow, YIPPEEEEE~!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010



How are you all? I hope you're great!

Today me and my dad went out into Wellington to have a big session of sitting around drawing people in the park and on the boardwalk. It was fun but people kept moving as SOON as we started drawing them. 8c Still, it was good practice for capturing poses and positions!

And we went to Borders and I bought a drawing book that covers just about EVERYTHING about drawing heads and the human figure, it's really neat and I'm sure it'll prove useful :)

I haven't started drawing from the aid of that book yet because I've had my fill of realism for today - BUT - I decided to compare two drawings of mine, one without a ref and one using a ref from the book...

AHAHAHHAA shows how much I know. D|>
Oh well. Sooner or later I'll be able to draw a correct female figure from memory!

And after all that realism and poring over the stuff in my book, I decided to end my day with doing some Streak doodles because I haven't drawn him in AGES and taking that character quiz over on DeviantArt reminded me of how much I missed drawing him.


That's all for now! I haven't broken my number one New Years resolution yet! C8 (which was to draw every day, btw.)