Sunday, November 21, 2010


Ignore this post, we're just beating ourselves up.

(Note: the normal font represents me; the italic font represents Bullet.)

I just wanted
To help you.

I thought that
I made a difference.

Because I’m your best friend.
And I’m your husband.

And we can have some fun times.
We used to have fun times.

But why can’t I help you when you’re sad?
Why didn’t I spend enough time with you?

I feel
So useless.

When I come to see you,
You don’t feel like smiling
And when I try to lighten things up,
It doesn’t work.

And the longer I stay,
The worse it gets.
For me and for you.
Especially for you.

Why does this
Always happen?

Why can’t I ever
Do anything right?

Why can’t I ever
Get through to you?

Is there something wrong
With the way I love?

I am not a saviour.
I am merely a pill.
You take me
And then
The pain
Comes back.

You like talking to yourself
But you will not talk to me.

You can amuse yourself
But no matter what I do or say
It will not have
Any effect
On your thoughts
Or your feelings.

I know that you love me
And I love you possibly even more
But sometimes it’s as if
You’re better off without.

I don’t want to be mad
And I certainly don’t want to be sad.

It’s not your fault.
It’s all my fault.

Why is it that
Every time we touch
I always
Ruin everything?

I won’t ever leave you.
But please don’t leave me.

tl;dr: baaaaaawwwwwww we suck