Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I have two wheat crackers.

I always eat these crackers in pairs. Two at a time.

...And I can never decide which one looks nicer so that I can eat the less-nice one first.


But before the crackers, I had to quickly get a glass of water because I just ate the biggest Ginger Nut EVER and it was nice but the spice was burning my tongue (figuratively).
And WTF we've got two packets of Uncle Ben's Chinese Style Rice in the pantry. WE NEVER BUY FOOD THAT YA JUST CHUCK IN THE MICROWAVE. Unless it's something like Easy Mac that's for me and my brother to eat when our parents are out. Which is hardly ever. SO YEAH. :|

Another weird thing is that last night (well... this morning, rather), I had a dream that accurately reflected everything that's currently been going on in my life, or things that have recently happened, with a touch of randomness. This is really interesting to me because usually my dreams are SO RANDOM THAT THEY BEAT ALL OF BULLET'S TRIPPY DRUG-INFLUENCED HALLUCINATIONS. The dream went like this:

I was in the hospital again, but I don't think I was the one who was sick or injured this time. As I was walking through the hospital, I saw a small crowd gathered around a man with a violin, and I smiled in appreciation.
I left the hospital and I was driving with my brother in the car. We were in Porirua and as we were going past the local polytech, one of my car's rear tyres suddenly burst - and she lost the entire wheel along with it. My brother told me to turn onto another road (which also actually exists) and drive to the nearest petrol station. I don't know how in the HELL we were driving with a missing wheel, but we arrived at a dead end on a dusty trail, where there was a massive sunny field of tall grass.
The dream then cut to me driving (with a new wheel) into the street where my violin teacher lives, which I actually do once a week for lessons, and I was trying so hard to pull over as close to the kerb as I could without actually scraping the wheels because that really frustrates me in real life. I then received a text from a friend saying something like "fine, I'm sorry". I was confused until I discovered a text, from the same friend, that I had received before and not noticed. From what I can remember it roughly said: "So you've been out having fun for 5 hours? F**k you, I hate you."
And then I woke up.

tl;dr: I actually had a dream that made some kind of SENSE. ...Mostly. Nothing is ever completely realistic with me.

I have to perform a violin solo in front of my music class tomorrow. AAAAAAAA I'M GON' DIIIEEEEfsdjfjgff

Also, I wish I had a scanner of my own so that I didn't have to go to the trouble of using the scanner on my dad's computer and then getting the images from his computer to my own. That's one thing I want when I move out: a scanner. Then I could scan as many doodles as I like, whenever I like, and put them on this blog and it would be way more interesting to read.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Good Thoughts

I wrote this at school yesterday. It's just a bunch of recently-attained thoughts. Aaah, my mind is a train that never stops. Cx

I do not know how to put myself into words. Forever I will be shy, but I do not conform. Forever I will be quiet, but I make loud statements. Forever I will be sarcastic and somewhat witty along with it, but I will always strive for kindness. Forever I will be a sharp observer, but also an airheaded dreamer. Forever I will be intelligent, but also blissfully dumb. Forever I will dress in black but decorate things with rainbows. Forever I will enjoy technology but also embrace nature & tradition. Forever I may drive cars, but also hug trees.

Perhaps I'm a hypocrite. Or perhaps I'm trying to be too many things at once. Perhaps I just can't get enough of life. After all, life has so much to offer.

But hey, I'm only seventeen. This is only scratching the surface. I will always be that shy, quiet artist, but I seem to make alterations to myself all the time. I'm a slightly new person every year, even every few months. Last year I hated the guitar; now I can't resist picking one up to strum it. Last week I had no objections to eating beef; now I am starting to seriously consider what's on my dinner plate. As with most people my age, this is only the beginning of discovering my true self. I am like the weather - ever changing, never stopping in one place.

And, boy, do I love it. :)

♥ ♥ ♥