Friday, June 25, 2010

Good Thoughts

I wrote this at school yesterday. It's just a bunch of recently-attained thoughts. Aaah, my mind is a train that never stops. Cx

I do not know how to put myself into words. Forever I will be shy, but I do not conform. Forever I will be quiet, but I make loud statements. Forever I will be sarcastic and somewhat witty along with it, but I will always strive for kindness. Forever I will be a sharp observer, but also an airheaded dreamer. Forever I will be intelligent, but also blissfully dumb. Forever I will dress in black but decorate things with rainbows. Forever I will enjoy technology but also embrace nature & tradition. Forever I may drive cars, but also hug trees.

Perhaps I'm a hypocrite. Or perhaps I'm trying to be too many things at once. Perhaps I just can't get enough of life. After all, life has so much to offer.

But hey, I'm only seventeen. This is only scratching the surface. I will always be that shy, quiet artist, but I seem to make alterations to myself all the time. I'm a slightly new person every year, even every few months. Last year I hated the guitar; now I can't resist picking one up to strum it. Last week I had no objections to eating beef; now I am starting to seriously consider what's on my dinner plate. As with most people my age, this is only the beginning of discovering my true self. I am like the weather - ever changing, never stopping in one place.

And, boy, do I love it. :)

♥ ♥ ♥

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