Saturday, December 26, 2009


It took me FOUR FLIPPING DAYS to think of a name for this thing. :|
And then I was listening to my iTunes and the song "Pride (In the Name of Love)" by U2 started playing... and suddenly VOILA~! It came to me. Pride in the Name of Art. Yup.

So the other day, I was introduced to the addictive drug that is called Guitar Hero. OH GOSH I LOVE THAT GAME SO MUCH FJSDJFDF <3 And I want to keep playing it but I know I shouldn't because I don't want to risk arthritis or something in my left hand, that would SUCK. 'specially since I need it to play the violin. 8| Oh well, everything in moderation!

Christmas was very nice indeed. I won't describe my ENTIRE DAY, but yeah. XD

So why did I start this blog in the first place? Two reasons:
- I make WAY too many sketches and doodles for DeviantArt. If I uploaded EVERYTHING I EVER DID, then most of my gallery would be untidy scrappy/silly stuff.
- I also make WAY too many journals for DeviantArt. I seem to use the journal feature like a blog and that's not really the point of dA. ._. SO YEAH, BLOGGY BLOG BLOG BLOGNESS RIGHT HERE~

And now, to finish off my first post, DRAWINGS! C8
I am so lazy that I don't even finish my WIPs and I leave them to rot in a small damp sad corner of my computer. Also, this looks like a child abuse picture but IT IS NOT REALLY. >8| Unless you count a really mean older sibling as abusive.

FUN WITH IPODS! ...yeeahh just ignore the munted body in the first panel. I SWEAR I'VE BEEN READING DRAWING BOOKS

*at a demolition derby* "OMG, IS THAT CAR OKAY??!!! DDDDD8"
(Tracks is so adorably stupid. <3)

Well, that's all, folks! Hopefully I won't actually NEGLECT this thing and I'll treat it nicely. C:

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