Saturday, January 1, 2011

New year!

It's been approximately a whole year since I created this blog. Let us reflect on 2010, shall we?

- As much as I wanted to in the beginning, I did not really improve very much on my art, at all. B| In fact, sometimes I got a lot worse. This is due to art block and also that I had to focus on the final and most important year of my school life, Year 13. (I often found myself torn between caring about school and caring about art.) However, if there's one thing I got MUCH better at, it's anatomy, which I'm very happy about because it allows me to draw the things I want to draw without being all FHSDFG MUSCLE GOES WHERE?. C': Soooo yes.

- School... okay, uhh, every year I've always been like I GOTTA DO BETTER AT SCHOOL NEXT YEAR FO SRSLY and it used to work back when I CARED about school, but ever since Year 10 it's been a constant battle between education and freedom. You just can't have both in Year 13. ;_____; So as much as I dislike the NCEA system, I struggled on and gave it my all in the last few months, and I think that I shall pass Level 3. Narrowly, but it counts, right? :'D And the awards I got for writing (I now have my own fancy little trophy!) and music made up for it, too.

- Also, remember when I was talking about my interest of high school/general cliques and I was wondering about which one I should fit into? Well, I went through a few phases... first I was trying to be "indie" at the beginning of the year (fail), and then I was trying to be a free-spirited nature-loving dreamer (which I still kind of am), and around about the same time I started dressing all in black for some reason - my "emo phase", as Matt likes to call it, except apart from that I wasn't emo in the slightest - and then... let's see, after that I became a sorta cynical, sarcastic band geek... and then finally I ended up just being me. Yep. Just me. And I like just being me. I don't "fit" anywhere, and I'm fine with that. C:

- I remember 2009 sucking a lot in terms of my social life. Apart from my online buddies, most of my friends in real life tended to be adults because I find adults so much easier to talk to. However, in 2010 I actually found myself socializing with people, and all us Year 13 groups of friends, who barely spoke to each other before, were now mixing and mingling and getting along really nicely! I felt so happy to be accepted and I got better at standing up for what I believe in because everybody was more open-minded about the person next to them. I haven't been this social since 2008, so that was lovely. <3

- I did a lot of discovering about myself and the world, in mostly positive ways. I posted a lot of these things on my blog but I don't think anybody really reads this thing anymore so yeah. :1; Point is, I had a good time doing that.

Sooooooooo yeah. 2010 has been mostly pretty good, even if there were a few bumps in the road - but when isn't there? Anyway, it sure as hell beat 2009. B1

And now, let us journey on into 2011 - the year where I have no school, plenty of time to relax and focus on the things I really want to, such as art and music and orchestra, and to start becoming independent and exploring the big wide world around me, seeing as I'm nearly 18...

But also, it's the year where I have to get a job. Dang! >.<

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