Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Buckaroo Holiday

A completely irrelevant title for the content of this blog entry. Hooray! 8D Well, I guess I chose it because it's the name of the song that's currently stuck in my head. Seriously, it's AWESOME. It's by Copland. Go look it up on YouTube and get an earful of good music.

Well, 2011 has been pretty good so far. I got $100 for feeding the neighbours' cats for about 11 days. 8U MONEYMONEYMONEY! And I've started growing my own peas and beans in the veggie patch in our garden! At first I was kinda "meehh this hurts my back blahh" about gardening but it's really quite nice once you get used to it. It's cool to go down and water your darling little plants and be happy in knowing that you're growing something that you can eat freshly plucked from the stem/ground/whatever, without having to buy it at a store. C:

I know this sounds really dumb coming from someone who has called herself a Pink Floyd fan for over a year, but... late in December, I listened to their famous album The Wall, in full, from beginning to end, for the first time ever. ...Let's just say that I'm an obsessed fan now. ART SHALL BE MADE. If I'm not lazy. OTL;;;

(The underlines bits are all references to the songs on the album. Iiiii'm just a bit of a dork. CAN YOU TELL?)

I never thought I'd say this, but I have been seriously missing youth orchestra. It's just like school - you're at school and you whine and whinge about how you just want it to be the holidays already, and then when you're in the holidays, you want to go back to school 'cause it's part of your life. At least that's how I see it - you don't know what you've got till it's gone... even if it involves getting up early every Saturday morning, going on a 20-minute drive to Wellington (sometimes with TERRIBLE weather conditions), having nowhere good to put your instrument case, being yelled at by the conductor, feeling guilty because you haven't practiced, and having only biscuits and juice to feed on during break. BUT I LOVE IT ANYWAY. <3 Probably because I've been listening to the namesake of this blog entry - it's such gorgeous music, seriously. Anyway, we've filled out the youth orch application form and next month I will audition.

I've been wearing summery shorts, tanktops and jandals for the past few weeks, and it feels great! I hate the cold icy southern winds that we get around here and having to bundle up in layers because of it. In Windy Wellington, the heat is something I am willing to stand, because it's such a treat around here. |3

However... I need new shorts (read: shorts that aren't TOO short). And new jeans. And new t-shirts. So yesterday, the whole family plus Zia (my brother's girlfriend who is like the cool big sister I never had) popped out to Wellington so that us girls could do some shopping and Dad could get some errands done. (My brother, Gareth, had to be there anyway because he works in Wellington.) And if you remember a certain blog entry from last year, I did a similar thing with Zia, looking for new clothes to wear - but I didn't buy anything except for a hat. This almost happened now, except I didn't buy anything at all. Perhaps it's because I'm picky about my tastes (I want to find clothes that are practical, comfortable AND look nice!), or maybe it's because I'm constantly inbetween sizes so nothing fits me properly, or maybe it's just that all the clothes in the shops are changing or something...? I don't know. I am not good at shopping nowadays. ;_____; I'm going to have to try again soon.

Hmm... I don't think it was very necessary, writing a whole huge paragraph just to conclude with the fact that I am difficult to find good fitting clothes for. So I'm going to make up for it with... DOODLES!

Bullet, you're silly... and in trouble for seemingly looking at her chest. I might make a better version of this picture. |D

Tracks singing Christmas carols. ...I want this sweater. And his socks.

HATERS GONNA HATE~ (This is Kaden, a relatively new character.)


Aaawww, brothers. They just love each other so much, don't they? C:

Uhh, Zach in Cars form? I dunno why this one happened. BUT I LIKE IT~

That's all for now!

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