Thursday, July 8, 2010


Being embarrassed about loving your characters a little too much FTW.

Seriously though. Of all my 70-something characters, why is it always BULLET who gets all the attention? He's a completely normal human with no special abilities or powers. He has a house, he has a job, he drives a car. He likes sex and getting drunk. He's an idiot. THERE'S NOTHING REALLY SERIOUSLY SPECIAL ABOUT HIM.

So why is it that when I decide to draw, the first thing I think of, and cannot resist the urge to draw, is this BEARDED MORON?!! ("I'm not a moron. >:C And it's a goatee.")

...oh well. it's better than drawing nothing. 8D

i even COLOURED him carefully too. FSDGJFDJKSFJDFGF

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