Thursday, August 5, 2010


I bet I only wrote that last blog entry because I was angsty because it was that time of the month. >:B
NEGATIVENESS, BE GONE~! ...waaiit is negativeness even a word? fjsdjkgfd WHO CARES.

Soooo... doodles? Yes!

A WIP of something nice. YAY BUCKTEEF.

I drew this at school... on MS Paint... with a mouse. B| Anyway, the joke is that sometimes we play Nirvana in the art classroom and there was this song that goes, "I'm on a plain, I can't complain"... and I honestly thought that the singer was talking about being on an AIRPLANE. XDDDD;;; and then i looked up the lyrics and i was like OHHH A PLAIN. god I'm a DORK fsdgjkdfjkf

Bullet's mommy as a teenager. c:

Bullet being like WTF NO at Ashton's death. ...In all seriousness though, he was all stiff and robotic for like, a week before it finally hit him. Meep.


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